gelPLAY New Collection 2017

gelPLAY New Collection 2017

Nail enamel, that gives nails the brilliance and depth of a gel, without a UV lamp! gelPLAY coats nails with rich, deep, even color, ensuring flawless coverage and a visibly “plumped” effect. Patented plasticizing system helps to create a supple film that protects the enamel from chipping and cracking.


Glamourous DIVA

Edgy and over-the-top, with a penchant for graphic, bold eye make-up, and a weakness for adding a feminine finishing touch. Sound like you? Well, release your inner Diva with deBBY’s make-up tips for a very special night out! STEP 1: Take your new 100%precision Fine Tip EYELINER and draw a bold line along your upper lashes from the inner to the outer corner of your eye. STEP 2: After running your Waterproof kajalPENCIL in colour nr.1 – deep water –  along your lower lash line, use the thin tip of the 100%precision EYELINER applicator and draw a line of tiny triangles just below the lower rim of your eye. STEP 3: Brush a little blushEXPERIENCE MAT FINISH n. 01, a lovely soft pink, over your cheeks with a circular movement for a romantic baby-doll look, STEP 4: and finish off with a coat of kissMYlips Lipgloss in nr.10, a foxy red. Which all adds up to… Utterly romantic cheeks and lips, and intriguingly glamorous eyes.  


It’s your first date and the mere thought of it has you blushing. To win him over, show off your demure romantic side. But give him a hint of your mischievous side too. A touch of Lolita-like cheekiness will do the trick: lashings of black mascara, eyeliner to create a really mesmerising gaze, baby-pink blush and delectably kissable lip gloss! STEP 1: Start by drawing a thin line from the inner corner of your eye to just beyond the outer corner, using the thick side of the 100%precision Dual Tip EYELINER by deBBY. Using the thin side of the applicator draw sharp upward flicks from the outer edges of the thicker line, beyond the upper and lower lashes. STEP 2: Then apply What Lashes! black mascara for absolutely fabulous lashes, and blend a little blushEXPERIENCE MAT FINISH n.01  over cheeks for a baby-doll effect. STEP 3: Take the baby-doll look to a whole new level with kissMYlips lipstick in nr.20, a delicate pink.