Put your own stamp on the latest make-up trends sweeping across the globe or the look sported by your favourite recording artists. Whether it’s graphic cat eyes or a sultry smokey gaze, sculpted facial features or flattering highlights, subtle understatement or a dramatic makeover…with deBBY there’s a look to suit everyone and every occasion!

Glamourous DIVA

Edgy and over-the-top, with a penchant for graphic, bold eye make-up, and a weakness for adding a feminine finishing touch. Sound like you? Well, release your inner Diva with deBBY’s make-up tips for a very special night out! STEP 1: Take your new 100%precision Fine Tip EYELINER and draw a bold line along your upper lashes from the inner to the outer corner of your eye. STEP 2: After running your Waterproof kajalPENCIL in colour nr.1 – deep water –  along your lower lash line, use the thin tip of the 100%precision EYELINER applicator and draw a line of tiny triangles just below the lower rim of your eye. STEP 3: Brush a little blushEXPERIENCE MAT FINISH n. 01, a lovely soft pink, over your cheeks with a circular movement for a romantic baby-doll look, STEP 4: and finish off with a coat of kissMYlips Lipgloss in nr.10, a foxy red. Which all adds up to… Utterly romantic cheeks and lips, and intriguingly glamorous eyes.  


It’s your first date and the mere thought of it has you blushing. To win him over, show off your demure romantic side. But give him a hint of your mischievous side too. A touch of Lolita-like cheekiness will do the trick: lashings of black mascara, eyeliner to create a really mesmerising gaze, baby-pink blush and delectably kissable lip gloss! STEP 1: Start by drawing a thin line from the inner corner of your eye to just beyond the outer corner, using the thick side of the 100%precision Dual Tip EYELINER by deBBY. Using the thin side of the applicator draw sharp upward flicks from the outer edges of the thicker line, beyond the upper and lower lashes. STEP 2: Then apply What Lashes! black mascara for absolutely fabulous lashes, and blend a little blushEXPERIENCE MAT FINISH n.01  over cheeks for a baby-doll effect. STEP 3: Take the baby-doll look to a whole new level with kissMYlips lipstick in nr.20, a delicate pink.


There’s a jungle out there. You also know it as your home town. It’s where you wrestle with racks of garments, elbow your way through throngs of peak-hour commuters, and make fearless forays into jam-packed nightclubs. You’re a certified city tiger, and you’d better look like one too! With the brand new 100%precision Fine Tip EYELINER from the deBBY  #personalEYESyourlook Collection, you can now create your own cat eyes!  STEP 1: Draw a bold line along your lashes, making the line thicker as it extends to the outer corner. Use a ruler to draw a very precise diagonal line. To make this look really pop, apply two lighter lines below the thick one using the tip of your eyeliner.  Ta-da! Your tiger eyes are ready to roar! STEP 2: For a sculpted look, dust a little blushEXPERIENCE MAT FINISH n. 01 over cheeks using your blusher brush. STEP 3: You’ve played up your eyes, so don’t overdo your lips: keep it natural with a slick of kissMYlips matte lipstick in shade nr.69. You’ll be the Queen of Jungle City!


Did watching the Oscars put you in the mood for a sophisticated “celebrity chic” look? Well, look no further than the new 100%precision Dual Tip EYELINER  from the deBBY #personalEYESyourlook  Collection! STEP 1:  Use the thin edge of the tip and draw a bold line along the lashes, starting from the inner corner of the eye. Now use the thick side to emphasise the line and form an arch. Here’s a little trick to make sure your line is perfectly straight: gently apply a piece of scotch tape diagonally from the outside corner of your eye towards the end of your brow and use it as a guide to draw your line. When you’ve finished, remove the tape and hey presto, you’re done! STEP 2: Use the thin side of the tip to shape the top of the line so it perfectly follows the crease. STEP 3: To create an even more glamorous look, using a brush, dust a little deBBY blushEXPERIENCE MAT FINISH n.03 over your cheekbones for a sculpted effect. STEP 4: And finish off with bright red matte kissMYlips (nr.68) lipstick for stunning movie-star lips.


Its red and white soup cans have become objets d'art… the movie stars of the era are no longer poster girls – they’re masterpieces.The Pop art movement is still as popular and influential as ever! Here’s how deBBY makes the transition from Pop art to pop smART! STEP 1: Start applying colorEXPERIENCE mono eyeshadow in colour #13 “Surfers Bay” from the centre of the eyelid and blend it outward, brushing it along the lower lid as well to frame the eye. STEP 2: Now take the look to a whole new level with a dramatic touch of colorEXPERIENCE mono eyeshadow in #22 “Pop Mood”. STEP 3: Give cheeks a lovely glow with blushEXPERIENCE MAT FINISH n.02, and coat lips in a delicate but sophisticated shade with matte kissMYLIPS lipstick in #66 “Pop Pink”.

Caribbean Sunset

Basking in the sun, diving into crystal-clear water, riding a few nice waves and playing a little beach volleyball… it’s all in a day’s work when you’re on vacation! But when the sun begins to set on this Caribbean paradise, the beach loses none of its enchanting atmosphere. In fact, it becomes even more enthralling… the noonday sun gives way to a gentle breeze, the tide goes out and the surf caresses the shore like a mother soothing her baby to sleep. Spectacular sunsets form the unforgettable backdrop to nature at its most breathtakingly romantic. The captivating shades of dusk on the islands are what inspired deBBY’s latest make-up look featuring a simply gorgeous blend of eyeshadows. STEP 1: Start with matSOLUTION foundation and then use colorEXPERIENCE mono eyeshadow in #10 “Pool Party”: apply it over the mobile eyelid, blending  upward and outwards. STEP 2: Then sweep the applicator along the lower lash line, starting from the mid-way mark and outwards. STEP 3: Now take colorEXPERIENCE mono eyeshadow in #02 “Return to deBBY”, and add a touch of light to the inner corner of the eye, blending upward towards the brow, then make the look even more romantic with a dusting of mono eye shadow #12 “Macaroon” below the brows. When the red sun lazily descends into the azure sea the sky turns a majestic purple that can be replicated in your gaze, with colorEXPERIENCE mono eyeshadow #19 “I Like It” brushed along the crease. STEP 4: Finish off with a little blushEXPERIENCE MAT FINISH n.02 couldn’t be lovelier… then sit back and relish in the sight of the softening hues, knowing that tomorrow's dawn will bring another beautiful day at the beach, and another equally beautiful make-up look. 

Cancùn? Me gusta!

Cancùn is arguably one of Mexico’s biggest tourist draw cards. deBBY can just picture you sitting in the blissful shade under a traditional sombrero, sipping a refreshing soft drink, wearing make-up that reflects the sizzling mood of your surroundings – a look that combines hotter than hot shades with cool, delicate pastels. STEP 1: Prime and conceal imperfections with matSOLUTION foundation. STEP 2: Then, your first eyeshadow will be colorEXPERIENCE mono in #23 “Here The Sun”, over three quarters of the upper eye lid and  along the brow line. Run the yellow shadow along the lower lashes as well, or just in the inner corner. STEP 3: Now apply colorEXPERIENCE mono eyeshadow in #06 “Xoxo” above and below the eye, and frame the colour with a touch of #10 “Pool party”. STEP 4: Just apply kissMYlips #01 "Princess Rose" and catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror …¿te gusta el look?

Tropical forest

In her recent hit "Roar", Katy Perry unleashes the Jane within her, swinging on a liana and taking on tigers and crocodiles. Which gave deBBY a real yearning to follow in her footsteps and set off to discover Nature at its wildest! The brilliant hues of a tropical rainforest are the inspiration for this awesome look. Here’s how to recreate the same ROARING effect! STEP 1: Use matSOLUTION foundation STEP 2: and then apply colorEXPERIENCE mono eyeshadow in #1 "Miami Beach" all over your eyelid, from the lash line up to the crease and outwards, flicking upward for a visibly high-impact effect. Or, if you’re after a slightly more understated look, use colorEXPERIENCE mono eyeshadow in #2 "Return to deBBY". STEP 3: Define the eyes by using a clean line of 100%PRECISION Eyeliner nr.1 STEP 4: and now, to set off eyes with orangey-hued lips, go for kissMYlips MEGA GLOSS #10 "Candy Orange"… and "Roaaaaaaaaaar!"

Pink, you must be true love!

Blue’s for boys and pink is for girls. Everybody knows that – though nobody seems to know why! Whatever the reason, we’re swamped with pink tablets, laptops and accessories, all designed with girls in mind. So how can we NOT love pink! In fact there’s a US pop singer who loves the colour so much she’s taken it as her stage name. Yes, it’s none other than everyone’s favourite bad girl, Pink (who sometimes uses an exclamation mark in her name). With her raspy, distinctive voice, Pink manages to turn even the softest of pastels into a powerhouse of rock-influenced vocals. Get the rock star look in pink, but don’t stop there and take it to another level with deBBY’s signature SHOCKING PINK! STEP 1: Start with two colorEXPERIENCE mono eyeshadows, #5 “Pink Superstar” and #14 “It Girl”.  Start by dusting the lighter shade over the half lid, then apply the darker fuchsia outwards across the lid, following the natural shape of the eye brows. STEP 2: Give the eyes extra depth with either 100%PRECISION eyeliner in #1 black or glossy pencil in #1 black along the higher and the inside of the lower eyelid.   STEP 3: Then apply 100%volumeEXTRA mascara, for fabulously long, lush lashes. STEP 4: Finish off with blushEXPERIENCE MAT FINISH n.02 pink for a healthy, natural glow, and combine two lipsticks - kissMYLIPS Laque #7 “Delirious Fuchsia” and #51 “Midnight Kiss” (limited edition) - for a dazzling two-tone effect.  

Diamonds are 4ever!

The most famous song of them all couldn’t have put it more aptly when it sang “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. And diamonds are almost always to blame for opening the floodgates to tears of joy! There are no two ways about it: nothing is more fascinating than a diamond. So why not give your eyes the diamond treatment? deBBY has come up with an absolutely dazzling million-carat look. Smother yourself in diamond dust, starting with your eyes: STEP 1: apply colorCASEduo eyeshadow #5 – a luxurious pink champagne shade – over the mobile part of your eye lids and  blend the darkest color into the crease. STEP 2: Now just apply WHAT LASHES! mascara and the sparkling finish will be oh-so-chic! STEP 3: Then give your cheeks a lovely warm glow with a dusting of blushEXPERIENCE MAT FINISH n.02 in pink STEP 4: and finish off this luxurious look with a coat of pink kissMYlips SHEER lipstick in #56 “Sugar Baby”.

2 Much Color – Las Vegas Madness vol.2

Viva Las Vegas! It’s a splash of vibrant colour in the vast Nevada desert, a city where mayhem and madness reign supreme! deBBY’s traffic-stopping two-tone lipstick was so incredibly successful that it definitely warranted returning to the fun capital of the world to find inspiration for the next awesome eye make-up look. And here it is! Not for the faint-hearted, it’s a fabulous idea for the Festive Season – wear it and you’ll definitely have heads turning. STEP 1: Begin by priming skin using 10-in-1 BB CREAM and facePRIMER Radiance for radiant, even skin tone. STEP 2: Then apply colorEXPERIENCE mono eyeshadow in #17 “Unconventional” to your right eye and #19 “I like it” to your left eye, blending both shades over the mobile part of each eye lid and feathering outwards towards the temple. STEP 3: For additional depth, run a line of Glossy #1 black eyePENCIL around the upper and lower lash line. STEP 4: And to finish, coat lips in the most deBBY colour of all – kissMYlips Laque #7 lipstick in “Delirious Fuchsia”    

BE-Color, Las Vegas Madness!

Think ‘bright lights, big city’ and the dazzling colours and red-hot vibe of Las Vegas instantly come to mind. The biggest show on earth is the inspiration for this bold and beautiful look. But beware: try it out at your own risk! Two-tone lips! STEP 1: Let your face be simply perfect by applying 10-in-1 BB Cream STEP 2: and then apply kissMYlips #12 “Scarlet Temptation” lipstick to your upper lip and switch to kissMYlips #37 “Purple Vertigo” for your lower lip. STEP 3: Complete the look with colorCASEquad eyeshadow #4 “In the sky” to add depth, definition and colour to your eyes! Apply the product up to the crease and blend it along the lower lashes and use grey shade for a perfect finish! STEP 4: And now just highlight your wonderful eyes with volum'EXPERIENCE mascara!

Phone me look!

She’s a beauty icon with a voice to match. But Beyoncé is also a chameleon who loves to startle fans and audiences the world over with her ever-changing looks. Of course, even when she goes totally over-the-top, Beyoncé invariably retains more than a touch of class. In a memorable video with Lady Gaga, the Houston-born singer’s luscious lips are so sizzlingly hot they’re blue! Here’s how to create the same head-turning look with deBBY. STEP 1: First prime and hydrate skin and conceal imperfections with 10-in-1 BB Cream #2 all over. STEP 2: Next, apply kissMYlips lipstick in #51 “Midnight Kiss” (limited edition), or go all out and colour the lips using eyePENCIL #11 followed by a coat of kissMYlips gloss in #19 “Unfaithful Violet” lip gloss. STEP 3: Highlight eyes with colorCASEduo #8 eyeshadow in brown/gold. STEP 4: Give eye lashes otherworldly length and curl with volum’EXPERIENCE Curling Mascara, STEP 5: and to finish off, dust on a little bronzer - maxiSUN #6 SHIMMER will do the trick.

Waikikis Leis

Who hasn’t dreamt of soaking up the sun and swimming in the crystal clear waters of Hawaii? Of course, no dream of Hawaii would be complete without ukeleles playing softly in the background and a garland of tropical flowers around our neck. This traditional welcome is called a “lei” and deBBY, always quick to pick up make-up and fashion trends and skilled in making make-up dreams come true, has given the Hawaiian look a contemporary, super-groovy feel, with a host of warm tropical shades. STEP 1: The first step consists in applying eyePRIMER for a smooth base, STEP 2: then eyeshadow colorEXPERIENCE mono in #13 “Surfers Bay” up to the crease. Then draw a line of hot pink eyeshadow above the blue, taking the colour a little beyond the outer corner of the eye, using colorEXPERIENCE mono #14 “It Girl”, and for an unusual Hawaiian effect dust a little green eyeshadow – colorEXPERIENCE mono #18 “Summer Paradise” into the inner corner of the eye either side of the bridge of the nose, and at the outer corner of the eye above the cheek bone. STEP 3: Dust a little gold bronzer over the cheeks for a warm tropical glow, using maxiSUN Bronzing Powder #3, STEP 4: and keep lips looking natural but define their shape with Mega Gloss lipPENCIL in #9 “Beige Glacé”.    

Like gold on your eyes

The colour gold symbolises wealth. And success. Nobody knows it better than pop-rap star Ke$ha, who burst on the scene sporting her signature sumptuous street-style and adding the dollar sign to her stage name! Gold puts a twinkle IN our eye – so why not have gold twinkling ON our eyes! deBBY hears what girls are asking for, and what they want is make-up in the warmest and most gorgeous colour in the world! STEP 1: Start with colorEXPERIENCE mono eyeshadow in #13 “Surfers Bay” over the mobile part of the upper lid and under the lower lid. STEP 2: Now for some contrast: add colorEXPERIENCE eye shadow in #21 “Lucky me!” pinky gold. Blend the product lightly over the brow bone up to the brow, and feather outwards. STEP 3: Apply blushEXPERIENCE MAT FINISH n.06 beige for radiance and glow. STEP 4: All that’s needed now to complete this absolutely luxurious look is a coat of kissMYlips lipstick in #46 “Nude Look” to draw even more attention to the eyes. 

Manga Mania

 We all grew up on a steady diet of manga comics, and we still adore them! The Japanese word manga refers to both animation and comics; either way, we are, have been and always will be massive manga fans, and that goes for all of our brothers and sisters too! Manga comics just never seem to go out of style – they’re agelessly hip! STEP 1: To get the manga look, use your fingertip to blend mono eyeshadow colorEXPERIENCE #6 “Keep Calm” above and below your eyes and outward towards the temples. STEP 2: Highlight cheeks with blushEXPERIENCE MAT FINISH n.03 pink. STEP 3: But the real wow factor comes when you take the concept of depth to a whole new level, with the false eye lashes created especially by LaCindina for the Blogger Party Collection! kissMYlips matte lipstick in #66 “Pink Pop” gives the perfect finish to a perfectly magnificent manga-inspired look. 

NY by Night

There’s magic and mystery in our night-time flights of fantasy! How about lighting up the darkness with your own metro-cool look and a flash of awesome colour! STEP 1: Begin with a coat of eyePRIMER to create a flawless base and prime your eyelids for make-up, then apply a thick line of colorEXPERIENCE mono eyeshadow in #23 “Here comes the Sun” along the upper and lower lashes. The  brilliant yellow hue will be dazzlingly luminous. STEP 2: Next, apply colorEXPERIENCE mono #07 “The Dark Side” over three quarters of your eye lid and feather out towards the temples for a smokey eyes effect. STEP 3: Contrast that with kissMYlips lipstick in #40 “Just Black” for a bold, lacquer finish. STEP 4: And for the finishing touch, dust a little maxiSUN #1 SHIMMER bronzer over the cheeks.

All eyes on us!

The eyes are without a doubt the most powerful weapon of mass seduction around, and wow! Let deBBY show you how to get this fantastic look. It’s all about the eyes, made up to awesome effect like a masterpiece in an exquisite frame. The secret lies in a unique blend of deBBY eyepencils and eyeshadows. STEP 1: The first step is to apply colorEXPERIENCE mono Eyeshadow in #19 “I like it” over the eyelid just below the crease, followed by a wave of  eyePENCIL #10 all the way from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner and beyond – Cleopatra, eat your heart out! STEP 2: Then use eyePENCIL #10 to draw a line along the lower lash line, meeting the upper line at both the inner and outer corner. STEP 3: Finish off with volum’EXPERIENCE Waterproof mascara. STEP 4: And don’t forget to gloss your lips with  kissMYlips Gloss #19 “Unfaithful Violet”.

L.A. mon amour!

She came onto the scene a few years ago and audiences immediately took to this sensitive young country music artist with her pretty preppy wardrobe and those ever-so-romantic love songs, accompanied by her trusty guitar.  Taylor Swift’s gorgeous golden ringlets make her the world’s most popular walking, talking “living doll”. So just what puts the magic into her big blue eyes? Shhhhhh!…deBBY knows the secret – it’s in Taylor’s make-up kit! The Pennsylvania-born singer has won over not just L.A. but the whole wide world with her awesome voice and romantic love songs. Her look can be yours in just a few easy steps: STEP 1: begin by preparing your skin for make-up with facePRIMER Radiance. STEP 2: Start with the eyes: apply colorEXPERIENCE mono in #28 “Forever Queen” and #29 “Night Jewels” from the deBBY Blogger Party Collection. Alternate the two shades and feather outwards to create super-glitzy sparkle. STEP 3: Of course no sexy make-up look would be complete without LaCindina’s latest dramatically long, incredibly thick false eyelashes, along with the flirtatiously red kissMYlips lipstick in #12 “Scarlet Temptation”.   

kiss me, BABY!

Is there a tough little cookie lurking beneath that gentle, romantic exterior? Let deBBY show you how much fun it can be to reveal your true personality with high-impact make-up, and release the power you've got bottled up inside! Give your gaze dramatic depth and definition with two deBBY pencils. STEP 1: Start by framing your eyes with eyePENCIL in #1 black then apply a line of 100%PRECISION eyeliner in #5 violet, flicking up the outer corners for a sexy effect that’ll bring out your inner tough chick! STEP 2: And for a gaze that really means business, bolster your brows with eyePENCILglossy #1, STEP 3. then go berserk with volum’EXPERIENCE Curling Mascara for the thickest curliest lashes ever. STEP 4: Highlight your cheekbones with sunEXPERIENCE bronzer #3 – choose the matte finish of course – then add a girly touch to your make-up, with lipPENCIL MEGA GLOSS in #2 “Sugar Pink”. STEP 5: And for the grand finale…draw two little hearts on your cheek with the same violet eyeliner used on your eyes. Now that’s definitely a look that says “Kiss me, baby!”

From Beijing with love

There isn’t an actress, singer or socialite on the red carpet who hasn’t been blown away by Anna Sui. Misha Barton, Hilary Duff and Paris Hilton are just some of the big name devotees of the Chinese American designer whose flair for quirky colour combinations is beyond compare! deBBY’s take on the Anna Sui look gives eyes an allure that’s a cross between urban chic and oriental mystique! So are you ready to take your eyeshadows and eyepencils for a spin? Here we go! STEP 1: First of all apply eyePRIMER: it glides on and then disappears, leaving a flawless base for eye makeup. STEP 2: Next, apply dark blue shade over the eye lids up to the crease and set the colour with the shades you’ll find in colorCASEduo #16 Blue. STEP 3. Then use 100%PRECISION eyePENCIL #2 along the inner and outer rim of the lower lash line and extend the line a little at both ends. STEP 4. Glide the eyePENCIL along the upper lash line and create a kitten flick towards the temple for maximum sultriness. STEP 5: Now draw a little Vee with the point at the inner corner of the eye. LaCindina is a huge fan of this look and she's come up with an utterly over-the-top version of it! Check out her tutorial for all the details:

Orange County

This look was absolutely HUGE last summer, and all the most popular fashion bloggers tried it out. Tangerine is STILL everyone’s must-have colour! Here's the deBBY version: as usual, maximum result with minimum effort, and hey-presto, you’re soaking up the sun on a California beach! STEP 1: First of all prime your skin with smoothing, mattifying 10-in-1 BBcream, STEP 2: then apply colorEXPERIENCE mono Eyeshadow in #22 “Pop Mood” over the eye lid, squaring off the inner corner and tapering off the line towards the outer corner. STEP 3: Next brush on lashings of volum'EXPERIENCE Waterproof mascara that won’t wash off in the surf, and highlight your cheekbones with blushEXPERIENCE MAT FINISH n.01 in a natural peachy tone. STEP 4: And for irresistibly kissable lips, finish off with kissMYlips Gloss in #5 “French Kiss”!  


American rapper, singer and songwriter Lil Mama has featured in remixes with the likes of Britney Spears, Rhianna and Avril Lavigne. She joined the jury of American’s Best Dance Crew in 2008. Her looks are a blend of WOW! and pretty, bold and preppy. Her music is as eclectic as her make-up and she never looks anything less than awesome. Here’s how to get the Lil Mama look: STEP 1: apply sunEXPERIENCE bronzer in shade nr.4 all over, with a little subtle contouring. STEP 2: Now take your MEGA eyePENCIL in shade n.17, warm it in your palms to soften, then blend across the cheek bones, outward and towards the temples for a luminous effect. STEP 3: Lil Mama’s eyes are her strong suit: use colorCASE DUO eye shadow in nr.19, applying the lighter pink shade first, over the eye lid up to the brow bone, then apply the darker hue along the lash line for a deeper gaze. STEP 4: Coat lashes in dramatic black WHAT LASHES! mascara for mesmerising results that look more like fake lashes than mascara. STEP 5: And for the finishing touch: juicy kissMYlips gloss in nr.10 – a delicious sorbet colour.


A pop icon whose career took off in the '80s, Madonna is showing no signs of slowing down. And she’s staying way ahead of the curve in music, fashion and beauty. The world loves every new make-up look from Madonna, especially her new twist on the ‘50s. STEP 1: Here’s how: foundation comes first: mat&PERFECT in shade nr.1 for a fair, porcelain complexion. STEP 2: Soften the features with a few strokes of bblushEXPERIENCE MAT FINISH n.01. STEP 3: Highlight lips with fiery red kissMYlips lipstick in vivid nr.12. STEP 4: Use a pinkish tone on the eye lids, blending in MEGA eyePENCIL nr.17, and emphasise the eyes with 100%PRECISION eyeliner in black nr.1.  STEP 5: Pin-up gaze and mesmerising eyes are a cinch with What Lashes! Mascara: the formula volumises, lengthens and curls lashes till they look positively fake!


Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, AKA Lana Del Rey, is an American singer-songwriter and former model. Her music has a distinctively cinematic sound and makes reference to various aspects of pop culture, especially America’s 1950s and 60s. Her retro looks also lean towards the vintage. Try out her make-up look with deBBY! STEP 1: Lana Del Rey starts with mat&PERFECT foundation in shade nr.3 for a smooth, even, all-day shine-free complexion, with absolutely no sign of imperfections. STEP 2: A dusting of blushEXPERIENCE MAT FINISH n.01 in peach gives skin a lovely glow. STEP 3: Eye shadow colorCASE QUAD nr.1 is perfect when blended outward towards the brown bone. Use a tissue to highlight the edges. STEP 4: Then draw a thick line along the root of the lashline using 100%PRECISION ultra black eyeliner and apply lashings of What Lashes! mascara for a sensational fake-lashes look. STEP 5: And to finish, apply MEGAGLOSS lipPENCIL in nr.3 (Delicious Peach).


She’s bursting with talent and tenacity, with ultra-cool looks to boot. Emma’s voice has made her a firm favourite with fans, but her glam-rock make-up is just as awesome! She likes to give her eyes dramatic depth but prefers her complexion to look natural or ever-so-slightly tawny, with pretty pink pastel lipstick. Here’s how to get the Emma look! STEP 1: deBBY recommends starting with mat&PERFECT foundation in shade nr.2, STEP 2: then contouring the cheekbones with sunEXPERIENCE bronzer in nr.5.  STEP 3: The peach and brown eye shadow hues in colorCASE QUAD nr. 5 give eyes flawless, long-lasting emphasis. STEP 4: Finish off with fabulous WHAT LASHES mascara – people will think you’re wearing falsies! STEP 5: And for a totally smoochy pout? A lick of kissMYlips lipstick in pinky-purple nr.25.


She’s the hottest female hip-hop artist of the moment, boasting duets with pop icons Madonna, Lil Wayne, David Guetta and many more: Nickij Minaj. Way past eccentric, the bold and beautiful star doesn’t know the meaning of demure. She has attitude to spare and changes her mood with her make-up. This free spirit is keen to delve into the depths of her identity – a little like deBBY does. Now give the Nickij Minaj look a spin! STEP 1: Start with the colorCASE Quad nr.2 palette, and apply following the 4-step instructions on the back. STEP 2: Create achingly gorgeous eye lashes with deBBY’s lash-curling volum'EXPERIENCE mascara. STEP 3: Then pucker up with a hot pink pout, choosing the new kissMYlips nr.7 lipstick. STEP 4: And to finish, dust a little maxiSUN nr.3 bronzer over skin and highlight the cheekbones with a touch of blushEXPERIENCE MAT FINISH n.01 blusher for a to-die-for glow.  


Her real name is Jessica Ellen Corbish, and she’s a Londoner who’s shot to fame and fortune as a song writer for the likes of Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera. Jessie J is a style icon for girls everywhere. Her in-your-face make-up, sharp bob and attention-grabbing outfits are inspiring a generation. But her eyes are magnetically mesmerising. The smokey eyes that Jessie J sports in her music video clips are totally awesome, and with a few tips from deBBY, you can have them too! STEP 1: Start with colorCASE Quad nr.1, a palette that includes a set of 4 coordinated shades that go from deep pearly black to creamy white, for blending beneath the lower lash line. STEP 2: Then run Glossy eyePENCIL nr.1 along the inner edge of the upper and lower lashes. STEP 3: Finish off with a coat of 100%volumeEXTRA ultra-lash plumping mascara: the lusciously thick brush leaves the most amazing ‘fake lashes’ effect. STEP 4: Nothing can beat the super-duper shine of kissMYlips lipstick in nr.2 pink topped by a coat of kissMYlips clear gloss (nr.20). STEP 5: Once your eyes are done, vlogger LaCindina’s advice is to apply matSOLUTION foundation in colour nr.101, then set it with a dusting of matSOLUTION pressed powder in shade nr.1.


La Roux (meaning red in French) are an English electro-pop duo. On stage and screen, redheaded lead singer Elly Jackson goes for a flamboyantly tomboyish look, with inspired make-up to match. Here’s how to steal her style! STEP 1: Apply a lightweight foundation one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Go over your eye brows with a concealer followed by a dusting of loose powder to set, and then unleash the rainbow colours within!  STEP 2: Blend a little blushEXPERIENCE MAT FINISH n.01 in peach across your cheeks to bring out your cheek bones. STEP 3: Switch on lips with the new kissMYlips lipstick in nr.16 – the coolest tangerine: pass a fingertip over the lipstick to warm the colour, then dab over lips until the colour is nice and even. That’s the way to get the most out of your brightest and best lipstick. STEP 4: Next come the eyes. Nothing can beat colorCASEquad nr.6 eyeshadow, especially the two green shades that you’ll apply up to the brow bone and beyond! Yes, you heard us: take the eye shadow all the way over your eye brows, and feather it out and up towards your temples STEP 5: Now smudge colorEXPERIENCE mono eyeshadow nr.04 "Underground" in black quite thickly from the inner corner of the eye right across to the outer corner. STEP 6: Add a touch of radiance to the eyes with Mega eyePENCIL nr.1 in white, along the lower lash line.  


How could we not adore the daring and aggressive look of the sweet and sassy Avril Lavigne? Her punk glam style always gets attention. Get her look! STEP 1: Create a good base with matSOLUTION nr.101 foundation and cover any blemishes and lighten the eye contour with concealerSOLUTION stick. Use the tip of your ring finger to blend! STEP 2: Emphasize and define the eyes by using a clean and defined line of 100%PRECISION Eyeliner nr.1, starting from the lower rim and drawing a thick line toward the temples. STEP 3: Then, unleash your creativity with the colorCASEquad nr.3 "Violet Show" eyeshadow by applying the darker shades above the crease in the eyelid, creating a graphic and defined nuance.  


Dancing the night away at the disco or an afternoon shopping spree with the girls? Why not try a retro chic look like the ones favoured by pop music icon Katy Perry? Diva style eyes and lips, reinvented with the urban street style of deBBY. STEP 1: Start with an impeccable, blemish-free face by applying matSOLUTION foundation topped with a matSOLUTION Compact Powder to keep it fresh. STEP 2: Smile and apply blushEXPERIENCE MAT FINISH n.01  to the apples of the cheeks. STEP 3: Then, add drama to the eyes with 100% EYELINER  at the base of the lashes and apply a generous amount of 100%LENGTH mascara on the outer lashes. STEP 4: Finish the look with colorCASE duo nr.3 and kissMYlips nr.27 "Seductive lips"!   


Cat eyes - innocent yet still sly and slightly naughty. Lips take centre stage with audacious, daring colour. Copy one of the many looks worn by the world’s biggest pop star, Rihanna! STEP 1: Start with the deBBY maxiSUN n.3 Bronzing Powder by applying a radiant, rich colour to the entire face. STEP 2: Give emphasis to the eyes with the help of 100%PRECISION EYELINER EYEPENCIL applied to the inside rim. STEP 3: Lengthen the eye with black eyeliner and heighten the drama with 100% volum'EXPERIENCE. STEP 4: Complete the look with kissMYlips n.7 "Delirious Fuchsia".  


These days, the Hollywood divas are all about the natural look: squeaky clean, glowing skin, like a china doll! Use deBBY products to replicate the look popular with Kristen Stewart, the star of the Twilight saga! STEP 1: Apply matSOLUTION n.102 foundation to the face with the fingertips or a sponge applicator. STEP 2: Lighten any dark circles or hide blemishes with concealerSOLUTION stick nr.2 concealer and apply blushEXPERIENCE MAT FINISH n.01 to the cheeks with a large brush using a light circular motion. STEP 3: Then, apply a touch of colorEXPERIENCE mono eyeshadow nr.25 "My Best Friend" just to the eyelid crease which will lend depth to the eyes. STEP 4: Finally, finish off the look with a light sheer gloss on the lips. Voilà! A natural and chic look!