About Us

deBBY has been successfully meeting the make-up needs of a very specific target market since 2008:  they’re young, they’re with-it, they have an attitude and they know what they want.
deBBY offers more than enough colours and sensations for creating a whole new look every day.

Who's deBBY?

I hate conformism. i adore experimenting, everyday. there are no standards to conform to, no trends to imitate. it’s just me with my desire to travel and discover. my wardrobe is a mix of colours, style and accessories that only i can wear. i like to create and re-invent myself again and again. it depends on how i feel and i can’t always be the same. it would bore me stiff. i am sweet and aggressive, lonely and outgoing, romantic and
chatty, tenacious and compromising. my contradictions make me different and make me feel free to experiment. i search for endless identities to feel unique. and i succeed.